Winters in Korea with Children

How should I prepare my children to Koreans winters?


If you and your family aren’t from a country with cold weather, you’ll want to check out these tips and tricks on keeping your family warm during the winter!


Weather in Korea

While Korean weather has gradually been changing over the years, the cold winters of Korea has stayed the same. You won’t get extreme snowstorms or blizzards, but you’ll want to keep frozen pipes and below zero weather in mind. While the coldest temperatures of Korean winters last between a week and half, winter itself can last from 3 to 5 months. You’ll definitely want to prepare in advance for it, especially if you’re not used to colder weather.



While the local governments are good about keeping up with salting streets and sidewalks, if you live in an apartment that’s more secluded than usual, you might want to consider buying some salt to lay down on paths leading from your house to the main street. That will help ensure your child’s safety and give your family a safe place to play during the cold winter months.



If you don’t already have winter clothing, you will want to purchase some heavy duty clothes for your children including gloves, scarves, rubber/snow boots, heavy down jackets, and earmuffs. Layers are key so you might want to consider buying some thinner layers of clothing like thin sweaters or pull overs to wear underneath larger jackets.

Like most countries, it’s best, if possible, to purchase winter clothing in the springtime, when the majority of the sales are going on. You can purchase clothing at department stores, but you could also consider going to street markets and smaller stores that might have articles of clothing for sales at cheaper prices. You might want to avoid tourist traps, however. Places that are specifically meant for tourists will most definitely have higher prices.


Outdoor Winter Sports

During long winter days, it could be fun to take your family to small hills or fields and play in the snow! You could also sign your children up for winter sports like snowboarding or skiing. There are also outdoor rinks for ice-skating. A simple search on Naver or Google will find you the nearest one to your home, but the main ones are located at Yeouido Ice Park and Korea University Ice Rink. There are many others including some found in amusement parks. Admission prices for amusement parks can be a bit expensive for just trying out their ice rink, however, so you might want to try and outdoor ice rink first.

You can find more information on sports HERE and winter activities HERE.


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21 Sep 2018