Things To Do in Seoul with Kids

  1. The COEX Aquarium is great fun for all ages
  2. The Everland is the best amusemnent park in Korea
  3. Take the kids to Seoul Grand Park, an outdoor amusement park and zoo
  4. Take the kids to Hyundai Motor Studio in Goyang. Great place to learn about cars!
  5. Take the kids to Beat360 Kia Motor Center for car experiences in Apgujoeng..
  6. Take the kids to Lotte World Adventure, indoor and outdoor amusement park. (first class is free, up to age 12)
  7. Small size amusement park at Namyangju, Lava Park
  8. Bucheon Robo Park is a great place for kids to learn about robots
  9. Have fun at Pororo Indoor Park ( many locations throughout Korea)
  10. Visit Carrie Kids Café in Yeouido IFC Mall..
  11. Hangang Bike Rides in Seoul.
  12. Take the kids National Fold Museum of Korea.
  13. Enjoy the indoor animal petting at The Zoo
  14. Take your children to Lotte World Aquarium which is a new indoor play area at 19th Ave.
  15. Camping at Jungnang Camping site
  16. Looking for ice skating all year round? Mokdong Ice Rink is a place to go
  17. Visit The War Memorial Children’s Museum.
  18. Aquaplanet 63 is an aquarium at 63 building in Yeouido
  19. Take the family to American style Hannam Starfield Mall
  20. Visit the Children’s Museum at the National Museum of Korea.
  21. Take the kids to Samsung Transportation Museum for lots of fun indoor activities
  22. Find the true happiness at Templestay
  23. Take the kids to Hangang Swimming pools for fun in the water!
  24. Explore the sea at Under Sea Kingdom.
  25. Check out Seoul Forest Park for lots of activities for kids
  26. Meet friends and swim at Woongjin Paydoci
  27. For classic music and art lovers: Seoul Art Center
  28. Take a family outing to the Morning Calm
  29. Explore the Children’s Museum with friends!
  30. Spend a day exploring in Seodaemun Museum of Natural History
  31. Check out Children’s Museum for many funs
  32. Icheon Indoor kid’s park is huge!.
  33. Have some Korean experiences at Namsan Hanok Maul.
  34. National Children’s Science MuseumSplash at Caribbean Bay at Everland!
  35. Enjoy the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum with exhibits for adults and kids.
  36. Take your kids to Water Kingdom in Songpa
  37. Take the kids to Namsan Seoul Tower for Seoul views.
  38. Visit the Gwacheon National Science Museum in Gwacheon.
  39. Check out the Seoul Sky at Lotte World for Seoul view!
  40. Learn about insects at Yeoju Insect Museum