How to Find Baby Equipment in Seoul

While most airlines allow prams or strollers for free, it can be difficult to get the rest of your baby equipment from your home country to Korea. One way to go about it is shipping your baby equipment to Korea. However, that can be an expensive endeavor, one that doesn’t ensure that all your boxes and items will get there on time, let alone at all. And while putting insurance on the boxes you ship is still a possibility, it will significantly increase the price of the whole process. That might be one reason why you decide it might be better to find baby equipment, right here in Korea. 



Korea, especially Seoul, has a large number of shops and marketplaces where you can find exactly what you need for your trip or move to Korea. Dongdaemun is a good place to find lower priced items, and every major department store in Korea is going to have at least a small section with baby equipment like strollers, breast pumps, and so on. You could also try buying online from stores like Gmarket and Craigslist. Gmarket sometimes offers free shipping, and if you can find a Korean friend to help you, search through the Korean language version of the website for more variety and sometimes lower prices. Places like Craigslist with used and new items might be helpful since so many expats are moving and trying to sell items before they leave. However, it would be especially helpful to find parent and expat Facebook pages or forums to join. They can steer you towards stores and sites they’ve found to be valuable and trustworthy in addition to offering you advice on which brands are best. 


On a final note, parents will be able to find disposable diapers in almost every supermarket in Seoul and around Korea. However, cloth diapers are losing some of its popularity and are becoming more difficult to find in the stores. Because of this drop in manufacturing, cloth diapers are also more expensive than the disposable kind. And if you are looking things like medicine for baby rash or for baby power, you can easily find those things in the baby sections of department stores. While a larger pharmacy might stock those types of things, baby powder will most likely be easier found in the department store near the diapers.


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